Demetrius Tapia Photography

I attend parties for a living.


They're not just any parties though. Each one is different. Each one is beautiful in their own way. That beauty comes from the union of two personalities. So, no two weddings can ever be the same. When I first made the decision to become a wedding photographer, I took a look at the market, and each time I would see the same poses in the same locations.

"Stand here with groom." *Kiss, hug, kiss* "Okay, next location."

From their images, I had absolutely no idea who their clients were. Each photo was interchangeable for the next.



Rebecca and Jeremie-1.jpg

My approach is a bit different. Your wedding day is going to be hectic and a whirlwind of emotion. Just like many things, it's going to fly by. At the end of the day, you're going to be exhausted, and the entire day will be a blur. I start before the wedding to get to know you and the story that's about to unfold. 
Then, when the time comes, I'm there to capture all the little moments that make the story your own. All of a sudden it's a story that tells the way she covers her mouth when she giggles or the way he strokes her hand when she gets nervous. You're people and not just subjects in a photograph. It's no longer "Bride and groom/kiss, hug, kiss" 

It's the two of you at a wedding that could only be yours.



Sierra and Reed-1.jpg

I reinvent myself at every wedding with your day as my inspiration. 

I'm completely driven by making art from architecture, patterns, reflections, light, and most of all by your own personality and quirks. Being a wedding photographer is filled with choices. For every shot, there are infinite ways to capture it. Some people use templates and capture every wedding in the same way. I challenge myself to tell as much story in one shot as I can for every single photograph. 

If you can look back at my images and remember exactly how you felt at that moment in time, I've done my job.